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Maine nurse practitioner Association

Our Committees

The following information about our committees is excerpted from the MNPA bylaws.


Section 1. The following committees are hereby established.

A. Professional Development

B. Legislative Committee

C. Public Relations & Membership Committee

Effective at the conclusion of the 2002 Annual Meeting of the Association, each committee shall have two co-chairs, one of whom shall serve for a two-year term and one of whom shall serve for a one-year term. Thereafter, all chairs shall serve for two-year terms, and terms of office shall begin immediately following the annual meeting of the Association.

Section 2. The Professional Development Committee shall provide opportunities for continuing education, maintain educational records, act as a resource for nurse practitioner programs, will work with other committee chairs to address program issues, and will develop an annual work plan, budget and time line.

Section 3. The Legislative Committee shall be responsible for knowledge of current legislation, studying the needs for legislative action, studying proposed legislation at local, state, and national levels and submitting any legislative proposals to the Maine State Nurse Practitioner Association. This committee shall keep the membership aware of current legislation and foster membership participation.

Section 4. The Public Relations and Membership Committee shall be responsible for the development and implementation of marketing and public relations plans to promote the role of the nurse practitioner to consumers, other health providers, agencies, businesses, legislators, and educators. The Committee will plan, initiate and coordinate recruitment and renewal efforts. (amended name and committee duties; adopted 4/27/17)

Section 5. Ad Hoc Committees

The Board of Directors may appoint Ad Hoc Committees as they deem necessary in order to achieve the organization’s goal.

Professional Development Committee

MNPA's Professional Development Committee provides continuing education opportunities for its membership, typically a smaller conference in the spring and a larger, multi-day conference in the fall. Click here to send feedback/ share ideas with the Professional Development Committee.

Legislative Committee

MNPA's Legislative Committee works with the organization's lobbyist to advocate for issues impacting Nurse Practitioners in Maine.  Click here to send feedback/ share ideas with the Legislative Committee.

Public Relations and Membership Committee

MNPA's Public Relations and Membership Committee helps to create opportunities for public awareness for NPs in Maine as well as build membership benefits for the organization.  

NP Students and Retired NP Groups

We have two ad-hoc groups to help meet the unique needs of student Nurse Practitioners in Maine as well as retired Nurse Practitioners.  Each group works to provide networking opportunities and community connections for their members.

Our Mission

  • Unite and advocate for Nurse Practitioners in political, professional and policy arenas

  • Develop and coordinate educational and networking opportunities

  • Advocate for the health of all the people of Maine

Contact Us

207-802-0MNP (207-802-0667)
PO Box 135 | Woolwich, ME 04579

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