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Maine nurse practitioner Association

Legislative Updates

Legislative Updates

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2023-2024 Goals of the Legislative Committee

1.  Increase membership participation in the committee by 10% (new members):

a. Website section & social media (minutes, calendar dates, bill list, contacts)

b. Listserve emails twice a year

c. Newsletter articles

d. Conference announcements/sign up sheets

e. Report by co-chair at conferences about issues/presence/talk it up!

2. Continue to Increase participation by committee members:

a. Email reminders by Amie a few days before the meeting

b. Survey monkey this fall to committee members for meeting day/time

c. Welcome email from co-chairs to new member

d. Website information including orientation info, testimony, minutes, schedule

e. Support varying opinions & testimony efforts

f. Meeting minutes & bill list to all committee members even if cannot attend

3. Address NP legislative issues for MNPA:

a. Continue with current lobbyist

b. Email to listserve as above seeing if any issues to put bills in for

& at annual meeting with legislative committee report

c. Committee and subcommittee meetings as appropriate or every 2 weeks

d. Support testimony submission & collaboration with other organizations

e. Keep membership informed as above & update at board meetings (input)

4. Improve collaboration & visibility:

a. Talk it up on social media, conferences, emails, & other committees

including the positive effect that our work has, do not have to

attend all meetings or testify if you don't want to, educational ,opportunity

to make a difference, getting to know your colleagues, be informed.

b. Coordinate an effort in the fall to contact all state legislators

c. Work with PR committee for newsletter articles or promotions

d. Discuss Hall of Flags for next session with lobbyist

e. Attend one or two of the student group meetings

5. Provide educational opportunity for the membership about legislative

process, issues, how to advocate, etc.

a. Offer educational opportunity through MNPA conference, AANP link, or

work with PD committee for a webinar opportunity

b. Information is on our website already about legislative process, testimony

samples, meeting minutes & bill list from MNPA that Amie updates

weekly during the legislative session.


Kathleen Forti-Gallant & Jennifer Mora, Legislative Co-chairs

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  • Unite and advocate for Nurse Practitioners in political, professional and policy arenas

  • Develop and coordinate educational and networking opportunities

  • Advocate for the health of all the people of Maine

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